Monday, January 5, 2015

Using DNA in your Genealogy search- Part 1

So have you thought about using DNA to do your family search? Do you see it as a quick solution to doing your research? Are there parts of it that you just do not get? Well for the next few days I will attempt to explain where DNA testing fits into our genealogy journey.

DNA became popular primarily due to high profile court cases where it was used to convict persons. As a tool for this type of work it works very well. Identifying a close relationship or owner of DNA is excellent as long as you have identified samples.

A variety of new processes have been developed with the genealogist in mind. The key here is to identify the one that most closely identifies the results or clues that you are looking for with your research. The bad news is you will still have to do your genealogy research.

The fascinating thing about DNA is that it stays relatively the same from generation to generation for 100's of years. The bad part is that it does not identify the individuals by name that share the DNA. It will identify one person back in time as long as other's have provided their DNA to match that person. The process takes many people to identify the trail along with solid genealogy.

As the databases get larger the results achieved with DNA testing will become better. We have only been using this as a genealogy tool for less than ten years.

Tomorrow I will talk in more detail what DNA can prove to the genealogist and what to expect. Please ask questions and I will attempt to answer them at the end of my writing on this subject.
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