Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Columbiana County, Ohio Old Court Records Occupying New Home

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Columbiana County court files gathering dust for more than 200 years now have a place to call home where genealogists with a penchant for the past can dig to their heart's content. Known as the Columbiana County Archives & Research Center, the location at 129 S. Market St., Lisbon, Ohio has been four years in the making, but the information stored there dates back to at least 1805.

The Columbiana County Archives & Research Center incorporated in April 2005 as a non-profit corporation whose aim was to preserve and collect old genealogical records pertinent to Columbiana County, both public and private, and make them available to people researching their family histories. They've been promised numerous files held by the Clerk of Courts for Common Pleas Court and already have a lot of those files in the research center.

The files include civil cases, such as lawsuits, and domestic relation cases up to 1903 so far, criminal cases up to 1897, old court of appeals cases, naturalization records from the early 1800s to 1920 and miscellaneous files.

You can read more in an article by Mary Ann Greier in the Morning Journal web site at http://www.morningjournalnews.com/page/content.detail/id/511553.html?nav=5006.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Lake Co.- Death Records

Death records are important to confirm facts about our ancestors and their relationships. Records in Lake county are at the courthouse in Painsville.

The County Clerk records include those deaths in the county from 1867 to present. All certified records can be obtained at these two locations. Be sure to have the date narrowed down to the day or at least the year. Please be patient with the these folks as it takes time to retrieve the records.

Remember the information in a death records is only as good as the person giving the information. Be sure to confirm the information with other source records. Many times maiden names of mothers, spelling and place of birth have errors. Be certain to confirm this information.

I will be discussing the wills in Lake County. Have a great day.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Warren Trumbell County OH- Library

When research your ancestors in Trumbell County a place to start is the main library in Warren. The following resources are available.

Census Records

Census records are available on microfilm for 1820-1880 and 1900-1930. All corresponding indexes (with the exception of 1910 and 1930) are in book form or on microfilm for the entire state of Ohio.

Map Collection

Atlas and Directory of Trumbull County, Ohio: Including a Directory of Freeholders and Official Register of the County. 1899.
  • Atlas of Mahoning County, Ohio, and Part of Trumbull County, Ohio, compiled by William J. Gutknecht, et al, 1915. [Includes railroads]

  • Combination Atlas Map of Trumbull County, Ohio, L. H. Everts, 1874.

  • Map of Trumbull County. 1856.

  • Sanborn Fire Insurance maps for the City of Warren [books and film] and for the cities of Girard, Newton Falls and Niles [microfilm only]

  • Trumbull County ODNR Abandoned Underground Mine Locations for Trumbull and Mahoning Counties.

  • Trumbull County, Ohio Cadastral or Land Ownership Maps 1830 – 1840 – 1850, published by the Trumbull County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.

  • Trumbull County, Ohio: Plat Book, Index of Owners, City Street Maps, circa 1922.

  • Newspapers

    Buckeye American (KKK) - 1923

    Buckeye Banner - 1849

    Cortland Gazette (Cortland) - 1876-1883

    Democratic News (Warren) - 1938-1941

    Girard News (Girard) - 1927-1969

    Girard Weekly Journal (Girard) - 1910-1911

    Hubbard Eagle (Hubbard) - 1966-1984

    Hubbard Enterprise (Hubbard) - 1894-1896; 1913-1917

    Hubbard News (Hubbard) - 1927-1974

    Kinsman Journal (Kinsman) - 1977-1982

    Liberty Herald - 1843-1846

    Mahoning Dispatch (Canfield) - 1877-1968

    Mahoning Index (Canfield) - 1846-1851

    Mahoning Valley Review - 1889-1892

    Newton Fall Herald (Newton Falls) - 1930-1933; 1946-1979

    Niles Daily News (Niles) - 1908-1917; 1919-1923

    Niles Daily Times (Niles) - 1924-1935; 1959-1961

    Niles Evening Register - (Niles) 1923-1924

    Niles Standard (Niles) - 1932-1945

    Republican Argus - 1836

    Republican Sentinel (Canfield) - 1857-1859

    Taxpayers Guardian (Warren) - October 1888- April 1889

    Tribune Chronicle - 1891- Present (Main Floor)

    Tri-County News (Newton Falls) - 1899-1918 (scattered)

    Trumbull County Whig (Warren) - 1848-1851

    Trumbull County Independent - 1876

    Trumbull Democrat (Warren) - 1839-1862 (scattered)

    Trumbull Era - 1880 (partial year)

    Trump of Fame (Warren) - 1812-1816

    Warren Constitution (Warren) - 1862-1878; 1883-1884

    Warren Daily Chronicle (Warren) - 1883-1924 (scattered)

    Warren Daily Tribune - 1885

    Warren Daily Tribune - 1891-1924 (Tech Center - Main Floor)

    Warren Independent (Warren) - 1983-1986

    Warren Liberty Herald (Warren) - 1843-1846

    Warren Newsletter & Trumbull County Republican (Warren) - 1830-1839 (scattered)

    Warren Record - 1876-1881

    Warren Weekly Tribune - 1876-1917

    Warren Reserve Chronicle - 1816-1921

    Western Reserve Democrat - 1883-1941

    Western Reserve Democrat - 1978-1983

    Warren Reserve Transcript & Whig - 1851-1854

    City Directories

    City directories for Warren & vicinity start in 1889 and continue to the present.

    Death Certificates

    Death certificates issued by the state of Ohio from December 21, 1908 through 1953 are available on microfilm along with indexes covering these years. Researchers can search the film and print, email, or save images to personal flash drives.

    As noted prior though the library will be closed until June 1. Make a plan prior to your visit and call ahead to check on availability of the facility.

    I will be back on Monday with more information. Please email me if you have questions. Spread the word.

    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Lake County- Marriage Records

    The county of Lake started recording marriage records in 1840. This is a very early period of time as compared to many other counties. The records are located at the courthouse in Painsville.

    During my own research I have traced my ancestors through this county and I was amazed that they had marriage records as such a early date. All of the records are indexed and many of them have also been published. Be sure to pay special attention on marriage records to who the trustees that are listed. They often provide valuable clues to family relationships that are often overlooked when to doing your genealogy. Be sure to make copies of this document, because some of the names don't always stick out as clues immediately. In my family a person listed on a marriage record as a witness later was traced to be the maiden name of the mother once I traced the family back into Virginia.

    Tomorrow I will be going over the death records of the county. Thank you again for your support and please send any questions or ideas you might have.

    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    Lake Co. OH- Birth records

    Birth records are valuable document in our family searches. The primary location to locate these records is at the county courthouse in Painsville. It did not become the responsibility of the county to start recording birth records until 1867. Prior to this time they are non existent unless found in other sources.

    Birth records start in 1867 and run until present. Be sure to have at least a decade narrowed down when you begin your search. Birth records tend to be indexed so you will be able to not only get the name of the person you are looking for, but also people with the same last name. This is helpful is rural counties where the population was not so high. Sure there are exceptions to this search, but they are few. Common surnames in a particular area translate into common relationships.

    Be patient with the courthouse folks and realize they get many requests for searches. If you plan to go in person it is always a good idea to call ahead and make sure that they will be open when you wish to go.

    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    Warren, Ohio Library Closed for Renovations

    The Local History & Genealogy Center at Warren-Trumbull County Public Library is closed until June 1 for renovations.

    The center contains thousands of books, maps, microfilm records and online resources specializing in genealogy and local history. The collection includes U.S. and Ohio sources, extensive Ohio county histories and genealogical data from many Northeast states, including Census records, death certificates (Ohio 1908-1953) and local city directories.

    You can begin planning your trip after June 1 at http://www.wtcpl.org/site/c.iqLSI0OyGnF/b.3443837/k.AD25/WTCPL_Local_History__Genealogy_Center.htm.

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Youngstown and Mahoning County Libaray

    When research your ancestors in Mahoning County a place to start is the main library in Youngstown. The following resources are available.

    • Henry R. Baldwin Records, an index of Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania cemetery inscriptions dated 1867-1918. (We will check the name indexes.)
    • Indexes of local history books.
    • Youngstown City Directories from 1869 to the present. (We will check three volumes per request.)
    • Youngstown Telephone Directories from 1915 to the present. (We will check three volumes per request.)
    • Youngstown Vindicator indexes: 1869-1919 (incomplete); 1921-1930; 1933-1938; 2001-present.

    Obituary and birth announcement research is limited to post-1920 newspapers. Searching the papers for these items before 1920 involves time-consuming research outside the parameters of our service policy. We set a limit of five obituaries, death notices or birth announcements per request and we will check no more than five days from a known birth or death date.

    So plan your research ahead of time and go with a plan. The librarians are anxious to help you in your research.

    I will be away from my computer for the next three days. Back posting on Tuesday.

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Lake County OH- History

    Lake County was created out of the counties of Cuyahoga and Geauga on March 6, 1840. The county was named for Lake Erie that runs along it's northern boundary. This county is located in the area known as the Connecticut Western Reserve. The area of the county is only about 228 square miles and is the smallest county in Ohio.

    Genalogical research

    What was it that first got you doing your genealogical research? In my case it started over thirty years ago. Was in my teens at the time and was very curious about where my family came from. My interest in history grew out of this and my eventually getting into speaking, researching for others and blogging on the topic. Please send me your stories.

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    I'm Back

    Don't think to many folks check this blog out much, but I guess I will just write for myself and hope that people are able to come back to the site. I will resume covering the various records that are available for the various counties. If you have ideas on topics that you would like to see covered please do not hesitate to contact me.