Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Types of testing- Autosomal DNA Part 3

Now we will discuss the various types of tests that can be completed and determine which one best fits what you are trying to understand. It is critical at this stage that you select the test method that best identifies what you are trying to learn.

The first test method is known as Autosomal DNA. This test can be done for both male and female lines. This tests for over 700,000+ markers on both the maternal and paternal lines. Identifies ethnicity and potential family lines that closely parallel your test results. Excellent test for identifying cousins. Testing will give you accurate results going back five to seven generations. Allows you to connect to the living as well as the dead.

This particular test will be good for validating you lineages as well as identifying if you are related to other living persons in the same line. Key here is having other potential candidates participate with you or others that have done it in the past.

Tomorrow I will be writing about another form of DNA testing. I try to keep the descriptions simple, because it can get very scientific.

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