Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cleveland Public Library Genealogy Sources- Cont.

Found a couple of more excellent resources that are available at the Cleveland Public Library Genealogy and Local History department. Grave Registration Cards A-Z Soldiers Buried in Ohio from the Revolution War to World War 2 1810-1957 The records are located on microfilm. The information included in these records are the solider's name, residence, death date, cause of death, date of burial, date of birth, place of birth, name of cemetery, location of cemetery, lot number, type of grave marker, name of relative, address of relative and military service record. Majority only list solider's name, birth date, death date and cemetery information. The Civil War soldiers will also include their military service record. Soldiers files from WW2 and the Korean War The records are located on microfilm. Newspaper columns appeared during this time profiling soldiers that had served. Arranged alphabetical by last name. Often includes a small photo. So if you have military soldiers that lived in Northeast Ohio check out this valuable resource.
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