Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Columbiana County- Obits

I thought this link would be of information for folks doing research in Columbiana Co. This was on a recent newsgroup that I get.

Salem, Columbiana Co, OH has a public library, and they offer some Obits


When you open up this website you will scroll down, all the way to the
BOTTOM of the page, and you will see in the left hand corner a notice,
saying the Obituary Index. Click on that. The type in your surname and
make a search and all the obits for that surname will come back.

Now, make some notes as to the names you want, and the DATE the obit
appeared in the NEWSPAPER, because you can order a free pdf file sent to you
of the entire obit. For that you will first click on the deceased name, and
then a file comes up with all the relavent info from the obit, then at the
bottom of that page it states you can order an email sent to you of the
actual obit from the newspaper,, then click on that. A form will them come
up and you fill in the deceased surname, first name, and the DATE the obit
appeared in the paper, then your name, and your email address. They will
then email to you a pdf file of the obit.

To read a pdf file you will need Adobe Reader, and you probably already have
it, but if not, that can be downloaded for free from the internet. I do not
have that exact link to give you, but if you look enough you will find it,
or someone else may post that link for everyone.

Thank you and have a great day.
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